Meet Kate

Head shot of Kate in green athletic shirt

I grew up in a small Michigan town with a typical midwestern diet of meat and potatoes and canned vegetables, interspersed with Coney Island hot dogs and deep fried “whatever”.  At that time, there was very little known about healthy eating and the fitness craze had not yet started.

After finishing school, I had the opportunity to move to some very affluent areas in California. I ended up working in the travel industry, as well as in the kitchen of Cypress Point Country Club in prestigious Pebble Beach.  After 6 months of access to some of the finest foods in the world, I found myself rapidly gaining weight.  I woke up one morning and made a core decision that I would never be fat!

That was the turning point on how my quest for health began.

 Initially it was “calories in, calories out”, so I lived off of coffee and diet sodas, rarely eating before 2:00 in the afternoon.  I started running, thinking the key to staying thin and being healthy was exercise.  Needless to say, I got thinner, but not healthier. I even started experiencing some health issues.

Over the next decades, I followed the medical community recommendations of eating a low-fat diet and exercising. I participated in marathons, triathlons and group fitness classes.  As I continued to learn and grow, I discovered that low-fat diets, because of the infusion of chemical additives, was not the best approach.

I made the move to a whole food diet, eating organic produce while avoiding genetically modified and artificially sweetened foods.

I finally started feeling like I was on a path to health and wellness.

IMG_5761PRINTThen, my husband, Dave, was diagnosed with the big “C”…cancer. This suddenly launched my quest to learn and educate myself to a whole new level. My husband’s life was at stake!

We explored all of the typical medical and non-traditional alternatives. After much deliberation, anxiety and fear, my husband decided to not move forward with any of them, but to follow the path of supernutrition, vitamin supplementation and exercise.

He made the choice to attack the root cause instead of merely treating the symptoms.

That was 6 years ago! He beat the cancer and is healthy as the traditional horse. We now enjoy traveling to visit our 2 girls and our granddaughter Joy, while helping others with what we have learned.

My journey to health knowledge has been a long one that spans 3 decades.  Not everyone has the passion about health that was gifted to me, so I am dedicated to helping others make positive lifestyle changes based on the knowledge that I have developed.  Health and Nutrition in today’s world is confusing but it doesn’t have to be with proper coaching.

Join me in your quest to make positive changes in your life!


Why choose health?


IMG_5654In today’s high stress environment, where jobs are at risk and family life is more demanding than ever, it has become more and more difficult to eat well and exercise.


 Too often, our own health falls down the priority list or disappears all together.  We start eating highly-processed convenience foods and we push exercise to the side.  The short-term effects of these decisions may seem almost unnoticeable, but the long-term effects can be devastating – heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity all can quickly destroy your future happiness.


 You can create your own health future, but you need to start NOW.


 Do not wait until a medical crisis is upon you!  Enjoy all the things that you do now into your 80s and 90s – hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, white water rafting, playing with grand children, tennis, golf, travel – the list is endless when you have health!




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